“One of the edgiest most entertaining Comics on Tour today”

-Spokane ,Wa Publication

The Show was phenomenal. Joe Fontenot, the headlining comedian, lit the place on fire. Most of the comedians you see in smaller shows like this are pretty good, have a good tempo and generally tell jokes that get laughs. Fontenot, though, looked like he just walked right off Comedy Central. His jokes were solid, and more than just rehearsed bits,he played with the audience in a very fluid fashion. From his back and forth with some of the ladies in the front toan almost roast level of ridicule aimed at a “Lance Bass looking douche in flip-flops” Fontenot was truly a professional.” –

– The Commuter

“… Joe blows me away every time. With fresh, always funny material, you don’t want to miss his show. I don’t want to miss his show and I have seen it several times!!! This is a Comic you can’t go wrong with  Joe Fontenot”

“One of the fastest up and coming comics in the nortwest”

The Oregonian 

                                                             joe cd cover

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by Cunninglinuist011

Funniest comic I’ve heard in a WHILE! Must listen!

2.Very Funny

by Musiclover651

This is a very funny album. I have listened to it many times and still enjoy it every time I hear it.

3. So True!!!

by Bryon Conaway

Joe tells it like it is with out holding anything back. Completely hilarious and so true. You’ll listen oner and over!!!!

4.Spokane’s finest

by Jtothedee

This dude is straight up hilarious and on spot with his crude humor. The flip flop freak out is an instant classic!

5.High energy, entertaining and honest

by Iveta51

I watch a lot of comedy shows, listen to a lot of comedy on the radio and I have to say that these are jokes I can listen to over and over again. Joe is an angry, but engaging comic, and by the end of his album, you cant help but to like him. his high energy on stage is very prevalent thoughout this album. If you haven’t gotten it yet, you’re missing out!

6. Angry, Dirty and Hilarious!

by Alfed620

Mr. Fontenot doesn’t hold anything back on this super funny comedy album. He rants about everything from pregnant girl to sex toys with great energy and style all his own. totally worth the money if you’re looking for a great time!

7. Hilarious

by T.Wallace

High energy, fast-paced ,in-your-face laughs! Buy it, you’ll be glad you did!

8. Start to finish, I never stopped laughing!

by AndyInPortland

High energy, fast paced in-you-face laughs! Buy it you’ll be glad you did!

9. Great Album

by Andrew Michaels

This is a great album, I let my 13 year old borrow it and the next morning my ex called me asking if I had let him use it because apparently he was playing it all night long at his friends house and they were “laughing too much” does that even exist? It is and album that breaks the generational gap and any other gap for that matter. I highly recommend this to an fans of comedy or Tube socks!!!!

10. Hillarious!!

by pocketmonster87

Joe is one of the most entertaining comics I have ever seen! His CD is a must listen! you wont be disappointed!

11. Angry and hilarious!

by HaitianGarbageBarge

Joe Fontenot is an angry man. A hilarious, angry man. His debut album, Fun Dumpster is high-speed comedy assault that pulls no punches whether he’s being traumatized by ultrasound exams or psychoanalyzing Seasame Street, Fontenot delivers a barrage of comedy that barely gives you a chance to catch your breath. This album also contains one of my all-time favorite assaults on a heckler. (see Flip Flop Freak Out.) I highly recommend this album.

12. The best EVER

by Thunder

This CD is so funny I literally laughed until I peed a little!

13. Hilarious

by Mrz.lovely

So funny I can listen to it over and over…. I totally recommend this to EVERYONE!!!

14. So Funny

by Ganjagirl99216

This guy is hilarious. Definitely listen!

15. This is the real deal!

by THE Dead Doll

Truly outstanding. Fontenot brings it hard and doesn’t let up. One of the best comedy albums I’ve heard in a really long time. Highly Recommended!

16. Hilarious !!

by Thatgirl197

Seriously the only comedians whos jokes I can listen to over and over and still laugh !!

17. Every time I play this it makes me laugh so hard

by Skippy Stringer Energydjs

Laughing is the greatest… This is fun and hilarious… A nice refreshing Shot of comedy

18. Finger!!!

by Niki0723

Joe is one of the best comedians  I’ve had the pleasure of listening to and would put him up against any of the greats! Joe comes to our town of Ritzville to “try out” his new stuff on us. I have seen his show 4 times in our tiny little town and it never gets old! The material is hilarious in  itself but the delivery is amazing!!Great guy and a great comedian I highly recommend!