What about the Carrot?
I’m just trying to eat a little Dinner…

Having a nice steak and eggs. Who doesn’t like a little steak and eggs?
I’ll tell you who…

The loud mouth Vegan at the next table, that’s who!!!

Let me just say I have nothing against Vegans. Good for you , more meat for me!
I just had a problem with this particular “Veg”.

Who felt she should inform me about how I should be ashamed of myself for helping kill innocent animals, and that she was an Animal Rights Activist…

So of course my response is:
Go Fuck your salad Hippie!!!

We are at Busters BBQ
for god sakes!!! (OK so we were really at a Cracker Barrel, I’m just saying)

What the hell are you even doing here?
Other then shoving your values and beliefs down other peoples throats!!!

She was eating a Salad
you don’t see me screaming at her because I’m a Plants Rights Activist!
You don’t see me hanging out at my local salad bar. Going on and on about how
thousands and thousands of plants are needlessly killed every year!

Like the poor helpless Carrot, that is needlessly ripped out of its home, just months old.
Then shoved into a very crowded “bag” , unable to move around, where its kept alive for days.
Just to be chopped up and put into a salad!!!

What about the Carrot?!!

I’m just saying, shut up…I like meat…