A true look behind the real heart and soul of comedy, “The Road Comic.” Every night, mostly in towns and cities that you have probably never heard of. All over the county, thousands and thousands of comics travel hundreds – sometimes thousands – of miles to perform. When I was I child I always wanted to be a comedian, growing up watching the greats on TV, performing in theaters, and the bigger clubs. To me they seemed like rock stars, and I wanted to be one of them. Most people really have no idea – outside of being funny, or writing, performing and honing your act – what it takes on and off the stage. This is their story… A film by Joe Fontenot Besides comedy, this project has been something I have wanted to do for years

I have always wanted to bring this point of view to people.



The plan: Follow, and document 3 different comics (road comics) and bring the real story of what they go though, what they give up for the love of what they do. Through the good gigs to the ones that’s just for the gas money.

here is the teaser trailer: