Ok really?! A Valentine’s Day Movie?!
Like this “Holiday” isn’t enough about women? Now some poor bastard is gonna have to sit through this, I’m sure unbelievably and unrealistic “romantic comedy” in a Theater full of either guys with their ladies. Taking one on the chin all the while, wishing they were watching Die Hard 9. Or a bunch of man hating single women (I’m sure taking selfies with their BFF’s- with the captions on Instagram like “My Valentine’s date is my bestie #DontNeedAMan)
Never heard of him…..does he have a bio? Look I’m not hating on women or Valentine’s Day at all, yes you ladies do a lot and deserve something for it….BUT PLEASE DON’T drag your guy to this movie especially on Valentine’s Day!

Ladies you just don’t understand, he spent at least an hour walking around a mall (Walmart depending on what state you live in) thinking to himself what he should get you that would appear like he has been thinking about this for more than one day before…
Finally he strings it together!!!
Thinking to himself that he nailed it!!!
(Most likely didn’t, but whatever we did our “best”)

{***Side note: I know “How hard can this be?!” “Don’t you know me?
“don’t you love me?!”- in my best mad girl voice…
Never heard of him…..does he have a bio?
But you know what; YES ITS HARD! Ladies did you know that valentine’s Day weekend usually falls on the same weekend as The NBA All-Star weekend!!! WTF?! F U David Stern!!!
(Just a few weeks removed from Football) we are in a state of Sports withdrawn… Just sayin… }

So we get it all together!
The way over priced flowers,
Chocolate, blah, blah, blah…

***{side note #2 gift giving: look again not hating, yes you do deserve it!!! BUT kinda  NOT FAIR!!! We have to shop, and use our unnatural thoughtfulness,
all you really have to do is take your shirt off!!! Never heard guys standing around like “OMG what did she get you?” NEVER!}

This is why I think I need to work out! Think about it guys! You start working out like crazy, start taking the same time ladies do on themselves. Maybe, just maybe we can reverse the roles!!!
Maybe instead of me chasing her around the house! Maybe I would have a headache, and maybe I wouldn’t have to watch some shitty movie about “love” maybe she would have to sit thought the 90th installment of Spider-Man on Valentine’s Day…