I’m thinking about becoming a bully!
No really! I missed the boat on this as a kid.
Remember when you had to be tough to be a bully?! Or fail the 4th grade a few times. Now you just need DSL and a chip on your shoulder!
It’s great you don’t have to work out, hell you don’t even have to leave the house!!!
You can do it In your spare time!!! In between YouTube clips, and porn! You can even do it in your underpants on the couch!

(Sounding like an old guy when I was a kid…)
Bullying meant getting your milk money taken, Charlie horse, teased or maybe even picked last for kickball!
***{side note I was the best 3rd grade kickball left fielder the game has ever seen!}

Now you get a Facebook comment?!
What would you rather have a  wedgy or an email?!
Now you don’t even have to stand up to a bully
(again sounding like an old guy or even worse my Dad)
Now you just have to close your laptop or block “user”
What’s next cyber robberies?!