After coming in as a finalist in two comedy competitions in his first year(2001), Joe Fontenot hit the road extensively, unleashing his Bipolar style of comedy on audiences all over the country. Thought of as a comic that just can’t be labeled, you just don’t know what Joe will bring to the stage from night to night. Whether it’s “angry-in-your-face” or “wild and crazy”. But one thing is certain, it’s always consistent, and intensely funny. For this reason that Joe is being touted as one of the strongest up-and-coming comedians in the northwest.


“One of the edgiest most entertaining Comics on Tour today”    – SpokesmanReview


“The Show was phenomenal. Joe Fontenot, the headlining comedian, lit the place on fire. Most of the comedians you see in smaller shows like this are pretty good, have a good tempo and generally tell jokes that get laughs. Fontenot, though, looked like he just walked right off Comedy Central. His jokes were solid, and more than just rehearsed bits,he played with the audience in a very fluid fashion. From his back and forth with some of the ladies in the front toan almost roast level of ridicule aimed at a “Lance Bass looking douche in flip-flops” Fontenot was truly a professional.” –

– The Commuter


” I met Joe Fontenot at the Northwest Comedy Competition in Lincoln City Oregon. I was the producer/creator of that show and Joe was a contestant that sailed thru the prelims and ended up in the final 10 out of 64 contestants. I also worked with Joe in Washington and found him to be a consumate Pro even at an early stage in his career. I have been a Pro for over 35 years and I can honestly recommend Joe for any comedy venue he chooses to pursue. You have my permission to call me at home, or email me if necesssary.. I am happy to recommend this Professional Funny Man..”

-Kenny Bob Davis


“As a Comic myself I don’t laugh that much at other Comedians, But Joe blows me away every time. With fresh, always funny material, you don’t want to miss his show. I don’t want to miss his show and I have seen it several times!!! This is a Comic you can’t go wrong with.”

-Cris Lason, Comic/


“Here is how it works with Joe Fontenot. You hire him to do a couple of sets on your comedy night at a local night club. You don’t give it or him much more thought than that. On the night he is scheduled to play you give him your attention though. This guy, this “ordinary”looking “Joe” starts packing out my club about two hours before he is scheduled to go on. I don’t know how he does it but Joe Fontenot puts butts into every damn seat in the house till there ain’t no more seats. Period. And the people who come out to see this guy know what they are doing. Joe has a prime age / earner demographic that knows how to enjoy an evening out on the town, and has cash that they want to spend to make sure it happens. Again, and again.
So, I got a full house, I got food and drinks flowing out, I got cash flowing in, Joe hits the stage, and, like you would never think this guy could, Fontenot grabs this audience from the first word and repeatedly slams them against a wall of some of the funniest stand-up you have ever seen. He is relentless!
You got people laughing so hard for the duration of his set that they are literally crying when he hits his finish. I have seen him leave people actually on the floor, still busting a gut laughing as we walks off stage.
Joe Fontenot isn’t just a good comedic stylist. Joe Fontenot is money in my bank account and a swell in my sales for the following week or two every single time he plays our stage. If you are booking funny and hoping to make better money, do yourself a favor and bring in a professional who knows how to flood you with both. And he’s a darn nice guy too.”

-Kevin Mattis- promoter


So when I met comedian, Joe Fontenot, and heard and witnessed his act I knew there was a comedian who made jokes about life. He has an overflowing passion bucket of real emotion gained from observing “life” and presented to the audience in humorous way that grabs our everyday existence and tickles the funny bone till we can’t sit still and our cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing.
Joe Fontenot’s comedic styling has been described as “bi-polar” or “a comedian that can’t be labeled” and these things are true. Similar to real life where we never know exactly what is going to happen we are going to get the same with Joe’s comedy act. Joe Fontenot can role through his set pieces and slay the crowd with his keen wit and dead on observations going in a million different directions just like real life or he can humble the heckler, or bond and play with the audience to bring them into the act and make them feel a part of the show and invested in the experience. “Life is what happens when you are busy making plans” and I am glad Joe Fontenot is around to observe it, write it down, and tell us jokes so we can fill our lives with laughter. Joe Fontenot is a comedian for hire. Joe will entertain your comedy club, night club, bar, tavern, saloon, party, brothel and bordello. Make some plans to hire Joe Fontenot and then the busy work is over and you and your customers can sit back and enjoy life.

-Mike Lee General Manager Hawthorne Theatre, Portland, Or



Joe Fontenot